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My home page is in "Athens" because that's (arguably) the home town of Western Art.
Original photos and graphics copyright 1995 - 2007 Miriam A. Kilmer (except as noted).
My Family
  •    Timothy J. Slattery, a Computer Programmer and a great baritone. Tim's page

  • Jeffrey Foster Slattery, our beloved son, b/d October 21, 1996.    Jeffrey's page
    The photograph was taken by his nurse (for "first foto," which kindly granted permission to reproduce it).

  •    Tom Bombadil, who likes to hunt socks.

  •    Goldberry


  •   Whisper was our long-haired tabby.

  • I have a fabulous collection of dolls, including some designed by Annette Himstedt,     stuffed toys, and a miniature menagerie.

  •    Marigold, the long-haired tabby I had for 11 years, died in November, 1995. She was also known as "Magamuck" or "Manganeuse," names given to her by my niece, Meg, when Meg was two. It didn't matter which name I used; she wouldn't come when I called. However, she always came when I sang.

  • Here's Meg's brother Timmy.   

  • Please visit my Art Gallery. I work mainly in pastel and photography. There you will find my biography. I also occasionally write poetry and humor, etc.
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My Passions

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