The purpose of this web-site is to raise questions, and hopefully provide some answers, concerning the nature of the world we live in: how it is structured? Why? Who benefits? Who pays?

I personally believe that as we prepare to enter the much talked about "new millenium" we should be thinking about the reality behind what we read in the papers or see in the TV-news, institutions that, by-and-large, package events in such a way as to make them acceptable. Thus I feel it important to question the nature of an economic system where over ninety per cent of the world's population work for the benefit of a very small, very rich minority.

In an age of super-abundance is it really necessary to keep at least 75% of the world's people in a state of abject poverty, purely for the benefit of a handful of multi-nationals?

Is it really necessary to continue our rabid depletion of the world's resources - with all the environmental consequences this entails, such as global warming - when we already produce too much?

These are just some of the questions I feel we should be addressing, hopefully after going through the contents of this site and the links I've listed, you'll have some more to add - please do!

An understanding of what hegemony, means is fairly essential to following some, if not all, of the contents of this site. On this page you'll find texts about this subject; what it is, how it affects you, as well as interesting links to other sites with similar themes. All that is asked of you is an OPEN MIND!!

I think the majority of links mentioned below will be pretty self-explanatory. The Structural Adjustment link is a brief text about the World Bank and IMF, and the manner in which they grant loans to Less Developed Countries. Please take the time to read it, or save it for reading later.

I will be adding to this page as time allows, so please pop back now and again to see what's new. Happy Surfing!

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The Bankers From Hell - Dedicated to the Continuance of Poverty Throughout the Less Developed Countries The Bankers From Hell
Dedicated to the Continuance of Poverty
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