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Who am I ?

  • Muslim

  • Arabian

  • Egyptian

  • Biomedical Engineer

  • Programmer

< Note : I Hate USA & Israel >

Mahmoud Ali Selim

( Before the war ) :)

Mahmoud Ali Selim

( After the war ) :)

My opinions in life

  1. We won't front our destiny until we search for it.
  2. Anyone who is always afraid , at the end the fear itself will kill him.
  3. If the death doesn't reach us this year , he will the next year.
  4. We are born to die :(
  5. We meet each other to separate again :(
  6. USA is not moving or deciding anything according to what Israel wants , but the opposite.
  7. We Arab will stay for ever , and damn USA & Israel will get down and will be only a trash containing nothing else criminals , terrorists , thieves , etc ... like they started from the beginning of their history , I know it would take a long time , but they will.
  8. I believe that the error not in the government of Israel , not on its rulers , but in the whole thinking of Israelein , all the Israelein have a kind of Super Heating of anything that have relations to Arab.
  9. Israel doesn't have any religion ( remember with me Anakeid ElGhadab , Kanna , Deir Yassine , Kaheld Mishaal , Aiash , Moshrafa , ... ) , Israel is only a political movement but take the religion as its logo!

( To be continued ... )

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Here is my Syrian friends :
  • Mahmoud
  • Farah
  • Reim

My favorite singers :

Hameed ElShaery

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With my best wishes :)