JULY 4th - JULY 22nd 2005

My name is Rich DeStefano. I'm a history teacher at Albemarle High School in Charlottesville, Virginia and I'm a trip leader for the Outdoor Adventure Social Club of Greater Charlottesville. Being a teacher allows me plenty of time during the summer to pursue what I really love (in addition to hacky sack)....bicycling, especially long bike tours. This page is all about my most recent bike tour from Charlottesville, VA to Burlington, VT - Summer 2005.

My last bike tour was in 2003 to Burlington, VT. But this time was much further and we took a different route with a lot more mountains, especially in the Adirondaks. My friend Brooke Plotnik, also an avid biker, began the trip with me in Charlottesville. The trip has been very rewarding but has also had it's hardships. However, any hardships were well worth it when we came down the hill in Port Henry and saw Lake Champlain.

Below you can link to a day by day account of the bike tour. A lot of it is still under construction as I update a little each day.

The Participants:

Rich DeStefano Charlottesville, VA to Burlington, VT.
Brooke Plotnick Charlottesville, VA to Scranton, PA.
Picture coming soon
Kenny Peterlin Waymart, PA to Burlington, VT.
Kate Mascioli Waymart, PA to Burlington, VT.

Read about the first day click here