If Mick is online but not on ICQ, then he must be playing EVERQUEST!

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To Michael, Cheers from the 2nd best Torana driver, Peter Brock

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Welcome to my Home Page. If you end up staying and looking around *prays* then you will see that I know shit all about making a web site! But you can rest assured that this site will keep you entertained. Whether your pissing yourself laughing at my advice or laughing louder at my car, I'm sure that most of you surfers out there will enjoy this site. If you want to catch me, simply follow the thick white smoke and two midnight black tyre marks burnt on the information superhighway or if you don't have that much time, just e-mail me at: mick@pylak.com. Anyway, stop reading this shit and check my site out, and don't forget to have a geez at my links to other cool sites.

Mick’s NEW car!

Mick’s Pet Spider on Computer Desk!

>Mick’s 21st Birthday Party Pics!! (finally added July 2001)

See Mick live on his webcam.View Mick's Live Webcam
See Mick live on his webcam.

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Shit! Look at how many people have no idea how they got here!


Mick's current relationship status: Still single and lonely (nothing's changed hehe)

This site was put on the web way back on the 26/7/97

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If Mick is online but not on ICQ, then he must be playing EVERQUEST!