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Oleg Mezjuev Welcome to my home page! My name is Oleg Mezjuev. I'm originally from the Soviet Union. I was born on November 29, 1966 in a little Russian town called Unecha, which is located in Bryansk region, in the western part of the Russian Federation. During my time in the Soviet Union I lived in Unecha, Leningrad and Krasnoyarsk. In 1979 my mother married a Swede and in January 1980 we moved from Leningrad to Järfälla, Sweden. I work in so called home-help service, helping elder people in their homes.

My interests include military history (Napoleonic Wars, American Civil War etc.), astronomy, palaeontology (the science about prehistoric animals), computers, languages, collecting coins, books, R.M.S. Titanic, UFOs, chess. I like to play tennis with my friends and every autumn my wife Irina and I like to go out in the woods to pick mushrooms.

I always enjoy watching a good movie. My favourite movies are Braveheart (1995), Star Wars 1-3, Aliens 1-3, The Party (1968), War and Peace (1966-67), Waterloo (1971), Gettysburg (1993), Glory (1989), The Shining (1980), Lethal Weapon 1-3, Die Hard 1-3, Cleopatra (1963), The Sting (1973), The Abyss (1989), Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (1991), Back to the Future 1-3, Dersu Uzala (1975) and some other movies.

Like many other people I also love music (classical, pop & rock etc.). My favourite artists are ABBA, Boney M, Baccara, Smokie, Queen, Ace of Base, Roxette, Elton John, Bee Gees and some others. My classical favourite composers are F. Schubert, F. Chopin, J. S. Bach etc. But my love number one is ragtime! For those who haven't heard about this music here is a list of useful links to start with:

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"Coon's Birthday - American Cake-Walk" (Paul Lincke, 1903)
Arr. & Seq. by Christian Reichel.

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