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Hello, My name is Meshrai Al Gharabally. I am Kuwaiti, and I lived their all my life. I will return there after I finsh my studies in the U.S.A. Right now I am a sophmore at a Collage in Virginia. Well, I will be 21 years old March 12. My country is very different then what you think it is. There are no Camel in the street, and we don't use them as transportation, we have cars like all the others countries.It's not in North America nether in South Africa it's still not in Europe, and not in Asia it's in the Midell East. I can show you some pictures of my country,if you go to one of my other home pages if you wish too. Something bad happened on the 21st of March 1996, my brother Omar died, he was my 2nd big brother. He dies in Frence while going home from the University of Avignon. Now I have 2 other brother, one is younger than me, his name is Faisal. My older brother his name is Nasser. He is a civil Pilot for Kuwait Airways. Me well I will graduat in two years (Insha Allah). I always go to France durring summer. I usual go South of France at Avignon. It's a very beautiful city. I don't have pictures, but I will get some as soon as I can :-) Well that will be all for now.

This is a poem that I wrote, and the name is:


Who are you
Where are you
You who have a sweet voice
You who makes me feel like an angel
You who I can't see, but can hear
You come pick me up, and take me in your arms
You why can't you be next to me
You who can understand me
You who can be my love
You who can light up my path
You are what I need
You are my life
You are my sun
You are my dreams
You are what I waited for
You are the one
You are the only one
You are the final answer
From : Meshari Gharabally Al-Gharabally.

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