Jules' Page of Pc's, Poetry, Pictures, and People!

..and perhaps a weenie or two...

Alright... I s'pose you need to know a little about the Mun.. Aka the real life person who's taking the time to create a little homepage to immortalize herself *grin*. My name is Julie, but those on IRC, which I frequent often, tend to call me Jules. I like pizza, chinease, warm walks on the beach (NOT! Just HAD to do it), Chocolate (hey who doesn't!).. ummm since this list could go on for hours on end I'll just say what I Don't like! VEGITABLES! The BANE of humankinds existance. *ick!*

Yes.. Jules has found a page! And on this page she'll bore you to absolute DEATH with poetry and Pcs! But first.. let us pause. Let us have an ODE to weenie!


ooooooh I wish I was an OSCAR MEYER WEEEENIE! A weenie's what I really want to BE! And if I was an OSCAR MEYER WEEEEEENIE! Everybody'd be in love with MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

ANIME! For the Anime Illiterate anime is Japanese animation! And it ROCKS! My Favorite anime must be: Vampire Hunter D, Ranma 1/2, and Tenchi Miyu! (Gotta love Ryo-oh-ki and Washuu!) If you wish to see sample anime pics, go to my character page, in there reside various coool anime faces which I thought best reprisented my characters which I Roleplay on IRC.

The Page of Pcs!

The Page of Pictures!

The Page of Poems!

The Page of Cool People!

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The End. Mail me if you have anything pressing.. Errors are NOT allowed. :P And if you just wanna kill me? Heheheh Get in line! :) And you're number...:

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