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Welcome to my Home Page!! It’s good to have you here!! Make yourself at home and enjoy it!! There are some good links related to some of my interests and things that I appreciate. Hope you like it!! Good trip!!


Get to know some Brazilian Culture!
The Famous Paulista Avenue in São Paulo, in 1952!
My favourite car! Ferrari Testa Rossa
USP - University of São Paulo (where I studied - it worths a visit!)
Send a present to who you love! Virtual Presents! It’s free!


My last acquisition! Canon EOS Elan IIe
The top nikon camera - Nikon F5
A picture I took in Patagonia (not available yet!)
Another picture I took in Patagonia (not available yet!)
Painting the sky 1 - an artistic picture by me(not available yet!)
Painting the sky 2 - an artistic picture by me(not available yet!)
Man Ray - When photography became Art!
Ansel Adams - The superb art of landscape photography!
Sebastião Salgado - The most important photographer in Photojournalism!!
A picture from the place I lived - 'La città eterna'

Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu - everything you wanted to know about it!
Kung Fu - a very good page about it in Brazil!
Bruce Lee - the most versitile and fastest fighter that ever existed!
A Gallery of Bruce Lee’s images!


What a worderful voice! My favourite singer! The Divine!
A complete site for my favourite musician! Peter Gabriel!
See a Peter Gabriel's animation!
Get a part from sacred music at Vaticano!!
Black Voices - a spirituals' group in Brazil!!


I recomend this Museum!
One of my favourites Paintings - Da Vinci
Another one of my favourites Paintings - Tiziano
A Masterpiece sculpture - Michelangelo
The famous David
A piece of the Sistine Chappel
'La Notte'- Michelangelo

Friends of mine

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Thanks for coming! :)

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