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Last Updated on  22st Jan 2002

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To see the Star Wars Scripts & Stories you might want to click here. You also might wish to focus your attention here.

By the same token you may enjoy selecting this link. They all lead to the same place, but we like to keep our options open. We're just that nice.

Anyone out there like looking at pictures from space??? Check out these Hubble Space Telescope Pictures!!!! They're very cool!!!

Cannondale Home Page

Here's something interesting I found. It's the Browning Automatic Bicycle Transmission. It looks pretty cool. You should check it out.

     HOW to Draw Cartoons and How to Draw Comic Book Heroes and Villains are entertaining and educational CD-ROMs for the interested young artist.

     And why limit it to kids? Many adults have doodled on scraps of paper and idle wished they could draw better, while some of the perennial adolescents among us may have dreamed of creating the next X-Men comic book.

     But don't think these programs are some sort of souped-up greeting-card program. You won't be able to print comic books off your colour printer within a matter of days, and you probably won't become the next Charles Schulz.

     Instead, be prepared to learn how to draw the old-fashioned way:

     By listening to your art teacher, applying your pencil (and your mind) to paper, and practicing, practicing, practicing.

     Here, your teacher is the author Christopher Hart, on whose bestselling books the programs are based. Hart is an amiable and enthusiastic guide, if a little corny a times.

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