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This is my home page devoded to :

  • scientific programmable Hewlett-Packard calculators, series 41, 75, 71, 28 and 48,
  • software emulators,
  • and especialy emulators of HP calc !
  • This page is still very basic, you will find:

  • Emu41: an emulator of the famous HP41C at machine code level, able to run synthetic programs and MCODE.

    Warning: Emu41 need a copy of the HP41C ROM to run. I don't have yet the right to make them available, so you have to transfer the ROM from your calculator. TO DO THIS, YOU MUST HAVE A SPECIAL MODULE SUCH AS THE ZENROM OR A MLDL, AND YOU MUST HAVE SOME ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE HP41C !

  • Emu71: an emulator of the HP71B.
  • Mon48: my explorer tool of the ROMs and programs of the HP48. A version for the HP28S is available.
  • My list of System RPL (SYSEVAL) entry points for the HP28 compatible with the HP48 (about 650 entries).

  • The adventure game 'PIRATE' adapted by me for the HP48 all versions (INEDIT). Sources, mainly in System RPL, and some in asm, are available.
  • I plan to collect here technical informations about these calculators and related materials (modules, HPIL, ...). Any help and any document in electronic form will be appreciated, contact me !

  • Download Area

    All the following software are FREEWARE. Note that some softwares need a dump of the calculator ROMs. Such dump are NOT provided, but instructions will help you to do it from YOUR calculator.

  • emu41.zip HP41C emulator for PC
  • emu71.zip HP71B emulator for PC
  • entr28.zip entry points for HP28S
  • mon48.zip MON48 executable and sources for PC (french doc., sorry, no time to translate it)
  • pirate.zip pirate adventure library for HP48 (about 15Kb)
  • pirsrc.zip pirate sources for HP tools on PC

  • Some links

    General links about old HP calc.

  • The Museum of HP Calculators
  • Collecting Calculators and Calculator History
  • HP Calculator Restoration
  • Hewlett Packard and Texas Instruments Calculators
  • Archives about HP41C, HP71B, HP75
  • Emulators and simulators of HP calc.

    An emulator runs the original code of the calculator by emulating the processor. It needs a copy of the ROM.
    A simulator provides part or all of the functionalities of the calculator by rewrite of the code.
    It doesn't need the original ROM, but usualy can't emulate the machine code.
  • HP Calculator Emulators Emulators and simulators
  • Emu48 The famous HP48 emulator by Sebastien Carlier (Win95 & NT)
  • Wouter's HP48, HP41, HP67 & x48 info
  • Hewlett-Packard Calculators Provides an HP41C emulator for X-Window
  • ttcalc13.zip An HP41C simulator for Windows
  • hp67.tar.gz An HP67 simulator for Linux
  • Sim41 Suarez page with a simulator of the HP41C (DOS)
  • There was also a HP41C simulator named Calc41 sold by EduCalc (1989). Could it be moved to public domain or freeware now ?

  • Contact me !

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