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Compressed Air Foam CAFS
Nitrogen Foam Experts

Cummins Fights Coal Mine Fires using NITROGEN FOAM.
We can provide SPECIALIZED SYSTEMS that are portable and remote controlled to fight extreme fire from within the mine or from outside the mine.
We provide the MOST EFFECTIVE and LOWEST COST method to extinguish GOB, Culm, Surface coal fires and deep mine sub-surface fires.

Cummins owns the US and Foreign Patents that spell out
the use of Nitrogen IN the Foam.
OUR Patent Numbers.
4,318,443 and Nitrogen Foam for Wells, 4,457,375

The US government agency NIOSH has published a White Paper report detailing our successfull use of  our Patented method of extinguishing deep coal mine fires with NITROGEN foam.

CAFS is recognized as a new technology and engineering control for asbestos encapsulation and hazardous particulate matter air scrubbing method to comply with OSHA regulations.

Our Coal Mine Fire Fighting experience started with the US Bureau of Mines in 1982.
Since then we have used a special formula of nitrogen filled foam and pumped 18 million gallons of it into the 2,000 feet deep Pinnacle mine in West Virginia. It took only 4 days of pumping to allow the re-entry plan to be approved.

P.O. Box 403
Joshua Texas 76058

Mark Cummins