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This page is dedicated to old dusty books, well they don't have to be DUSTY. But at least old and interesting to look at and read.

I like curling up with an old book,
experiencing the pungent smell of the ages.
I enjoy the way the artistic covers look.
History unfolds as I explore the pages.
One-by-one each page intrigues me.
I can't help but be trapped in the binding till three.
I continue, reading responding, contemplating the phrases,
taking in the technology of the times.
It is especially fun exploring the past crazes
And peoples of our world wherever we may be or want to be.
stories of people being happy or..even sad maybe committing crimes.
I continue to read till my eyes are covered with hazes

My name is Reginald "Roy" Reinholz. Please email me if you want to talk about books, any kind.

tigger.gif - 0.27 K    I am interested in school and college books, as well as novels, old antique dusty books etc. Let's talk about books and stories we read.