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Hello Surfer!

Welcome aboard to my sweet Home Page. My name is Agris and I come from land called Latvia. It is a one of the Baltic states located in the eastern Europe at the Baltic sea.
I live in Latvia's capitalcity named Riga. It is a beautiful city, foreigeniers sometimes call it A Little Parise. I study in the Riga's Technical University on 3'rd course, my major is computers science, but ofcourse that's not only one what binds me up. I very love to sport in my free time and together with my friends. Aslo a one big sickness is IRC (Internet Real Chat) , I would spend all day chating in IRC and sometimes I do that... :)
Please, enjoy my site!
Sport_p.JPG - 2,7 Kb I'd say it is a one of the main parts of my life. There is no the other way to get a rest and to keep a healthy. UNDER CONSTRUCTION
MISS_P.JPG - 4,0 Kb What does inspire us? What makes the world go around? Right, Beauty! PLZ TO MEET MISS THE UNIVERSE! WoW! It's HOT! Super Sex Pics collection to Download W'95.
HUMOR.JPG - 3,0 Kb Humour..what would be the world with serious faces. Keep your nose up, as long you smile as long you will live :) UNDER CONSTRUCTION
MEET_L.JPG - 3,2 KB Well..this site will guide you to my beautiful land where I was born...actually you will be able to find out more about LATVIA.

Did you enjoy my Home Page or you just got some suggestions...
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