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West Hollywood

Welcome to my website.
Do you like it?
I am still working on it.
Certain things are probably still not working right,
please excuse the mess.

Cindy Chan & Jackie Chan

This man needs no introduction. But just in case some of you don't go to the movies. He is the international famous action movie super star, JACKIE CHAN

By the way, have you seen the movie "Rush Hour 2" ? Did you recognize the girl who play the wife of a Chinese restaurant owner in Los Angeles.

Are You HOT or NOT?
Hi! Welcome to my world, Cindy Chan's private, yet not so private world.
Despite of my title Queen I am an every day girl, a WYSIWYG girl.
I am a girl next door, that you can take me home to meet your mother.
I have lots of photos to prove my point. You can judge for yourself.
Many girls dress up for the sake of dress up, even if it meant in the closet.
I dress to fit my life style. Some people call it an alternative life style, to them?
I do things that I enjoy. One of my favorite activity is ballroom dancing.
I "dress up" to go dancing twice a week. If you are a good dancer, contact me.
It's my life style. I live it and I am enjoying this life style and having fun.
Partying and have fun is my specialty. After all, a girl just want to have fun!
Cindy Chan is a good natured girl, maybe a little quiet, but don't you dare to take advantage of me. I definitely will speak up when necessary. I am an action girl. I do all the 'stunts' myself, just like my brother, Jackie Chan.

Here in my pages you will see lots of pictures. People are so right when they say a picture is worth 1000 words. So I have more than 10,000 words on these pages. That's more than enough to give you an insight into my life. Why should I reveal more info to you? I don't even know you. Well, what info you find here is what I'll tell strangers. More than that, we'd just have to know each other better. Maybe someday we'll meet, although some of you already know me.

Cindy at Hyatt Regency

Vital Statistics
OK. You pressured me into it. I give in. Here are my vital statistics:
(Click on the button to get the answer)

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