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Welcome to my universe on the internet. If you are interested or curious about Transgendered issues enjoy your visit otherwise please use the back command to go back. 
Amber's Bio  1Aug '99
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My favorite links

Vanity Club A club of beautiful ladies. I'm a proud member of the club as well.

Personal Pages
Above and Beyond gender A site with great variety.
urnotalone A page really nice transgendered website.
Tiffany Michelle's Tower A wonderful page.
Claudi's CD/TV- Inn A great looking Lady.
Daphne's Den Another internet friend for you to check out.
Tanya's Temple A great looking Lady and a great page.
Monica's Place A really nice page and beautiful Lady.
Brenda's Haven A nice site with links and pictures.
Susana Marques Links and some pics.
Dennette V. Sterling A beautiful girl and wonderful page.

Commercial Pages
Transformation A site of products to aid the transgendered community.
Lola Inc. Another site to aid the transgendered community.


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