Hi there! I'm Kevin. Welcome to my online world.

The sky is clear and starry and the night is cool and crisp here in Canada. Settle back into my blue luxury sedan and I'll take you on a guided tour. I know you'll enjoy the ride. We'll make a few stops at some points of interest of which I'm particularly fond and I'm sure you'll want to get out and stroll around a bit. Clicking on the signs gets you to all those great locations.

On today's itinerary will be stops at the following places:

AUSTIN is where you'll discover Kevin's Hunting and Fishing Pages. This is definitely a stop for all outdoorsmen.

FORT WALTON BEACH Settle a little while here in the wilderness, commune with nature, and learn about me and my interests. I'm charming, witty, intelligent and not very humble!

WASHINGTON DC Stay a while and view some of my special photos. I'm told I have a very good photographic eye...and my other eye's not bad, either!

BUENOS AIRES Discover Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada...the place I call home.

GENEVE Interested in lots of great oldies and some classic rock? Check out Backseat Memories. That stroll down Memory Lane was never so enjoyable!

AMSTERDAM Home of my webrings.

LUGANO Are you totally addicted to that keyboard and mouse? If your answer is YES, then I've got just the place for you. The people over at We Who Never Sleep....never sleep. Come join the fun. We'd love to meet you!

LONDON Drop me a line.

PARIS Don't even think of leaving without signing the GUESTBOOK. I'd like to know who you are and what you think about my pages.

Enjoy your tour and be sure to drop by again!